Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Economic Crisis and the making of the new Imperial Socialist Welfare States of America

The current economic crisis and the concurrent differing philosophies of both the Presidential candidates and the two major political parties bring some attention to the transformation of government that might be coming with generalized promises of change.

Media elites reporting news and teachers and professors in our public and private schools are doing less fair and balanced reporting of the news and less teaching of reading, writing and arithmetic in favor of being strong practitioners of Herd Morality. Buy–in to herd Morality is so strong within American educators and the media elite members of these occupations want so much a government more committed to being a socialist welfare state and extraordinary regulating all aspects of living, sleeping, eating of individuals and the doings of commerce and private enterprise, that they are actually indoctrinating more government regulating, increased government bureaucracy, and extraordinary redistribution of wealth so all have the same standards of living whether all people are fairly contributing and participating in earning wages or not.

Herd morality aims at the removal of everything dangerous to life; it seeks the common security and avoidance of risk, and promises all have guaranteed equal participation in the good life. Herd Morality is the candy politician’s use for buying votes, and it seldom gets any scrutiny pertinent to what the cost will be.

There is seldom any mention of the potential danger of becoming a police state as the state (government) begins getting more and more inherent right to act on behalf of the health, welfare, morals, and safety of their citizens. Care must be taken on the degree of consent given to government encroachment into private life, private business, private banking, and private investments under disguise of social, consumer, environmental, economic, and free market protection programs. For instance are absolute unquestionable imminent domain rights of government to seize private property without question under disguise of urban renewal and economic development good?

When it comes to being governed there is concepts of protecting health and safety, providing collective benefits, and regulating abuses of private power. However the U.S. Constitution clearly intends a government of limits and defined powers and authority. Consequently the U.S. Constitution creates a paradox of limiting growth of power and intrusion into private lives while also leaving much to the risks of human nature to be enticed by politicians gaining office by promising more entitlements and benefits from government.

Politicians without scruples have no hesitation buying votes by promising better or more government entitlements and benefits. The cost to the taxpayer is never given full and open disclosure before the election. The 1964 expansion of Social Security to cover disabilities and other health and safety beyond what it was originally intended is an example of costs of the program expanding and the politicians not minding the store. The current economic crisis is most recent result of elected officer holders putting their gain of personal political power, party political power and wealth ahead of performing duties in the best interests of the nation.

The current economic crisis began with the lack of being of good character of many representatives in the house and senate. The better solution to fix this mess depend on elected members of the House and Senate remaining faithful to the system of government the U.S. Constitution put in place having clear intent to protect individual rights and to limit and restrict government intrusion into nationalizing private enterprise and private business.

The conduct and behavior of several members of the House and Senate certainly-so forced me to fall out of my chair with their focus to point finger and assign blame. The worse act and deed of despicable conduct and behavior was that of Representative Nancy Pelosi who moments before serious matters needing bipartisan agreement and approving vote, gave deliberate speech of her own free will and choice seeming to have direct purpose to sabotage bipartisan passage of the bailout/fix the economy bill. After the vote Representative Barney Frank and Senator John Kerry went on a blitz of interviews of putting all blame for all that is wrong on the Bush administration and Republican party office holders in the house and Senate.

In my opinion these three individual’s give clear example of being of dishonorable character. The failure for causing the current economic crisis resides more within the legislative branch of government than the executive branch. Although it is true the executive branch can advocate domestic policy and regulatory changes and has authority to make necessary rules and regulations to enforce law, it is the Congress that writes law and ultimately approves the law.

The failure of leadership in this financial crisis was and is within the committee and party leadership in Congress. The corruption, greed, and incompetence allowed within financial institutions has a significant contributing cause of action and inaction of Congress to produce governing legislation (statutes, Public Laws, and regulations) having best interest of the nation in mind.

Former Governor Huckabee of Arkansas commented a few days ago "that this might be the first presidential election in history where the winner will demand a recount". It is sad the current economic crisis caused such a comment to a potential serious truth, but it also indicates why this years elections are important and why some politicians have so much fear about voters discovering the truth before they vote.

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