Thursday, October 2, 2008

Obama-Biden Military Intervention Policy Change-2008 VP Debate

During the Thursday October 2, 2008 vice president candidate debate Senator Biden distinctly and clearly expressed desire International Law be changed to allow U.S. Government to have the autonomy to uninvited and against the wishes of another country to cross a countries boarder and conduct military mission within lands of another nation to conduct military operations intervene is situations and circumstances of genocide or when the country is harboring terrorists dangerous to the United States.

His standard for approving such being the world’s place force is: (1) success is certain; (2) The military capability exists; and (3) the mission is Philanthropic, Humanitarian, or limited raid short duration raid or assault..

Yes Obama’s potential war and military operations will able virtuous, noble, just, cheap. and of short duration of months rather than years. Obama’s and Biden’s combat and other military operation will not be unjust, wrong and ill advised like the military operations currently being conducted in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The suggested policy change does not hold up under reasoned scrutiny. Changing International Law to allow a powerful nation to take out a target of interest at a point of location in another country as determined by creditable intelligence has none of the state obligation and responsibilities to establish legitimacy of state to act in such a hostile and belligerent manner. Crossing border into territory controlled by another government without permission of that government isn’t innocent passage; it is an act of war or of hostility when the United States uses its arm forces in such a manner to achieve its aims.

There is undisclosed danger of international criminal responsibilities that may be enforced, imposed and prosecuted against the officers, agents and elected office holders of government of the United States authorizing such operations. More importantly each member of the U.S. Armed Forces deployed becomes adversary personnel even if they are lawful combatants. Conducting policing actions in other countries is not the same as conducting law enforcement domestically. The U.S has no jurisdiction to get involved unless invited by another government or sanctioned by UN obligations, other treaties, or President is exercising war powers act authority.

In regards to adversary personnel there are the further complications of The Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (often referred to as the International Criminal Court Statute or the Rome Statute). Yes, Senator’s Obama and Biden are certainly displaying their expertise pertinent to conducting military operations and International Laws of Armed conflict.

Somebody need to get Senators Obama and Biden to explain this change they want to implement and how they are going to get out of the Geneva Conventions and other treaties the United States has signed and agreed too.

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